Our company is frequently chosen to represent insurers in the appraisal process. Premier has individuals who regularly fill this need for insurers or law firms. A partial listing includes , Brian Auger, Howard Goldman, Joe Greentree, Keith Herb and David Justice.


Premier Representatives have been called upon to provide re-inspection services for several companies. This process includes both on site and off site review of repair estimates after they have been completed or as found by the original vendor. Such checks enabled the insurer to evaluate the work product they are receiving from approved vendors.

Property Damage Liability

We provide partial assignments to meet the needs of our customers. Services include: recorded statements from insureds, claimants and witnesses; and scene investigations including diagrams to assist in the investigation process. If requested liability assessment and damage evaluations can be provided based on the investigation, and venue.

TPA Services

Our company offers third party administrative services in the areas of field operations, file review, general claims management, as well as appraisal and litigation management. Premier can assist with your litigation preparation needs by recognizing and evaluating the issues, proper project documentation and communication with our clients.