Premier Catastrophe Services

Premier Catastrophe Services has the capability to provide onsite or offsite management and administration services to meet the requirements of its clients. When a catastrophe occurs, our team works hand in hand with you to ensure proper staffing and workflow to achieve the timeliness and work product that best meets the needs of you and your clients.


The management team has extensive experience in managing minor and major catastrophic events throughout the United States. Whether its flood, wind or earthquake, our management team has the experience and know how to handle any event


The administrative team is experienced in the demands that a catastrophic event entails. Assignment logs are kept of all claims and are updated and reconciled on a daily basis. Design and setup of the information can be customized to fit your needs.


Premier Catastrophe Services maintains a roster of dedicated adjusters who provide the expertise Premier demands. Premier adjusters have consistently met or surpassed the expectations of the companies we have worked for. This is evident through our clients’ reinspections of our claims handling. Premier takes pride in the exceptional results company reinspectors have shared with our management team.


Smaller events which require only a handful of dedicated adjusters are handled directly through our corporate office in Tampa. Using today’s technology, we can provide the fastest turn around by emailing our files to you as a pdf document or in a format which meets your system requirements. All claims still receive the same level of management review.


In a larger event, we can work right along side with you. This onsite team environment offers the ability to evaluate severity, prompt reserving, greater communication and timely and equitable claim settlements in a controlled environment.